IK Controller Bone Rotating Foot and Toe Bones

I don’t know if it’s a setting or just how I set up the rig but as it states in the title, the foot and toe bones that are connected to the IK-Constraint bone and moving in a weird direction.

Maybe it’s meant to be this way, if so, I’m wondering how to set up a constraint to work inversely against this so the foot stays flat relative to the IK-Controller bone. Like so:

Blend File: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ge6ub7c20c6gr7a/Horse.blend

There are several issues here. It seems you are trying to add IK/FK controller to the rig that is not working.

Was the IK rig working when you set them up before the IK/FK controller was added?

The Pole target is parented to the IK target. Was this intentional?

Thanks for replying. The IK rig wasn’t working as intended from the start, before the IK/FK controller. I parented the pole target for convenience, and when unparented it doesn’t change how the IK rig acts.

I updated the .blend file link at the top, the ‘finished’ rig is now linked. The IK/FK controller finished and such, but things still aren’t working.

Actually it seems just about every rig I make, there’s that same problem. I’ve tried using others’ rigs and reapplying the IK constraint and it works fine.

I have no idea what the problem is. I just created another dummy rig, my literal steps:

Made the thigh bone, extruded to create a shin bone to be hold the IK Constraint

Extruded twice to make the foot and toe bone, extruded from the shin bone to make the IK Controller, removed parent.

Added constraint, changed chain length to 2.


Yes! After hardwork, dedication, and an exaggerated journey… I have found the answer!

In the bone properties of the foot bone, I unchecked Inherit Rotation.