IK FK Overlay strip, only on final render? Help!

This just starting showing up on my Final Renders. Never on screen before now, both in 2.82.6 and 2.83.1 and I don’t have a clue where this is controlled or can be turned off??
This is some kind of IK FK slider strip. I will try to figure it out, maybe some random Addon.
I will let you all know if I figure it out.

Solved ! After prolonged investigation. This file has seventeen rigged characters, Insects, Boy, Cat, Raccoon, Crow, and Owl. Only one was done with AutoRigPro, (which I like). AutoRigPro, creates an extra Layer Collection include accompanying additional layers of information titled “cs_grp” under a Collection titled, Owl_cs. Turning the ‘visibility’ Icons on for this items, showed the IK FK color display on screen in Preview Mode. I apparently had clicked on the Render Icon for the item, but not the Visibility Icons, so it was not visible on screen, but showed up in the Render.Solved !