IK / FK switch using a bone control in blender

Guys , I wonder if anybody here ever had the task of a character rigger at blender 2.5x beta, and make the arm rigg the system IK / FK switch using a bone control
I’m looking for a tutorial on the net, but still not found …
someone help me?
for those who do not know this system 'is very useful w / animation of the arms … much easier for the animator,
if anyone knows how to do, could please make a tutorial (maybe a videotutorial), explaining how to do this?
not only me, but I would be grateful community w / it …
Thank you very much


The series starting here may be of some help- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iMubbHjGoqk

this is the 2.4x series tho, you may need to check out blendercookie for 2.5 methods

I’ve recorded a video on this and posted it on vimeo, but it’s in english. If you are good at blender, but don’t fluently speak english, you should be able to follow along (i’ve followed russian language tutorials before, and I don’t speak russian)… The video can be viewed here:
I’ve started a thread about this in the tutorials section and as soon as it is approved, I’ll post the link here. In that thread, I’ve attached the finished .blend file so you can examine it.

Anyhow, hope this helps.

Edit: Here’s a link to the tutorial section of this forum:
You can find the completed .blend file there, and ask questions there as well…

thanks bro…I don’t have problems in speak english,

thanks for everything :slight_smile:

Thank you for tutorial.
fully explained very well
that was exactly what I needed to learn .
once again thank you :slight_smile: