IK leg flipping 180 degrees

when i lift the leg up past a certian point, it just flips 180 degrees. anybody have any idea why this would be happening?

i moved the poles way out and up high, which helped a little (even though it still flips after a certian point), but it seems weird having the poles so far away like that. any ideas?

It flips when it crosses the poles.

Think of the pole as marking the direction that the knee points. (If you set it up in the typical fashion.)

That pole in your second post is relatively far away-- but your leg is in a very unusual position.

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Hey, I really appreciate the (quick) response! I’m far from an expert on rigging. Would you mind explaining what you mean by “crossing poles”? And is there any way of sort of “fixing” it without having to just relocate the pole? Seems kind of limiting only being able to lift the leg half way up.

When it moves from one side of the pole target to the other side of it.

The entire point of using pole targets is to be able to specify the location that the knee points to. If you don’t want to have to specify where the knee is pointing, don’t use a pole target.

This actually is working perfect now. The pole moves with the controller which solves everything.