IK makes my rig go crazy

I’ve been trying to make a charecter rig, and i’ve happily got his hands. However, any tutorial i follow for the foot results in really weird IK problems. His foot likes to shoot about a bunch. Heres the tut, and heres the blend. Any help would be appreciated :smiley:

Go into edit mode, and release the ik bone as a child of the foot chain. If you use bones as IK targets, they should not be connected to the actual skeleton/chain they control.

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I was having the same problem…The only way that I can get the control bone to effect the rest of the leg is if it’s part of the chain. If it’s not, it only moves the toes and the foot.

On the other end, if it’s a child of the calf, it produces those wierd deformation the originator of this thread is talking about. The tutorial suggests that the control should be able to make the entire leg move without being the child of the calf, but this simply is not the case when you follow the intructions. I think there is some assumed info being left out.


I d/l’ed your file. The IK solver is on the wrong bone. Plus you have a second IK solver on the toe which isn’t needed. Remove those two solvers, disconnect the foot, as Papa Smurf says, select the foot bone, then the leg bone and press Shift I, select to active bone and change the chain length to two in the IK modifier. It should now work (minus pole flipping of the knees) :slight_smile:

In trying to keep with forum etiquette, I’m posting to someone elses thread who had the same problem.

I’ve been following this tutorialon the blender site. I’ve done it a few times now, and I always end up with the same result. The IK solver being added to leg.l cause the leg leg to contort and spin eratically.

I’ve tried what papa smurf has suggested, but it doesn’t yield favorable results. The leg.l bone ends up having no effect on the rest of the rig.

I’m sure there is either a step I’m missing or a step that is missing in the tutorial. I just can’t figure out what that step might be.

Please download my rig, and let me know ‘precisely’ what I’ve done wrong.

I need to know what is wrong, and clear steps to remedy the problem.



armature.blend (130 KB)

tired as hell, sorry I’m not going to look at the tutorials or anything at all, but when IK makes a rig go crazy once you start moving things, it’s usually if not always because of a cyclic dependancy. Try to clear all parents and all constraints on the IK target. (alt+P or select an empty field under the bone parent field in editmode) If it has no parents, then there’s considerably less chance that it’s causing cyclic dependancies…

clicked the link afterall, you probably made the IK target a child of the foot or lowerleg or something. clear the parent. and/or play with the chainlength value, you’ll prolly need 2 or 3 or something…

night fellas.

You also have the IK solver on the wrong bone, it needs to be on the calf. Remove the IK solver on leg.l, then, disconnect leg.l in edit mode. go back to pose mode select leg.l THEN calf.l, press shift I, select to Active bone, change chain length to 2. Rinse, repeat.

I have corrected your file. You can download it from this post. fatfinger has given you the correct answer and other users as well.

1- IK was applied to leg.l, and BO: foot.l ( that’s not what the tutorial says) No, it should be applied to calf.l–BO:leg.l-----I delete it from leg.l and set it to calf.l, the BO (bone) is leg.l. Chain=2

2.- the IK driver (leg.l) can not be parented to its chain to control. ((leg.l was parented to calf.l))…the tutorial is correct, you missed that step too. I parented it to none.

You can do the same now for the other leg. Good luck


armatureCorrected.blend (130 KB)

This helped me a ton!! :smiley: thanks a lot bro! you helped me with that mothersmurfer problem :smile: