IK Rig Help?!

I made this Minecraft rig a few weeks ago and have been improving it since then. It is fully IK rigged but didn’t have a root bone. Today I tried to add one and parent everything to it… And now here is the result…

No clue what happened. Even after deleting the root bone and clearing parents it still does this. Does anyone have ideas?

DOWNLOAD THE .BLEND FILE: Steve New.blend (1.04 MB)

I cant quite work out how you broke it… Do you have a version that you saved BEFORE you trashed it? :smiley:

there’s a cyclic error somewhere, which explains all the funky movements… kinda like… something parented to its own parent…

I figured it out. when I tried to parent everything it un-parented the arm and leg bones from each other. One more question though… If I move the arm IK too far up it gets really messed up. Any way around this (I want to make a swimming animation and I can’t do it because of this problem)?