IK rig not working properly

This rig is doing something weird- the edit mode is how it should be, but in pose mode it changes the location and rotation of the bones a little. If I apply pole target to the forearm and upperarm (both left and right) to Biti_Skeleton then that fixes the location problem but arm_IK.R and arm_IK.L are then useless. What can I do to correct this?


test1.blend (750 KB)

If you zoom in on the mesh and change from edit mode to pose mode you can see that in pose mode, the bone snaps to the bone with the constraint. To fix this, in edit mode, first select the head (ball thing near the problem area) of the bone with the constraint. Then press ctrl+s and choose Cursor to Selected. When that’s done your 3d cursor should be in the middle of your selection.

Next, select the head of the forearm.L bone and press ctrl+s again, this time choosing Selection to Cursor. The head part of the bone should pop into place on the 3d cursor, aligned with the bone with the constraint. Now when you change between pose mode and edit mode nothing should change.

Hope this helps. :ba:

Omg you are a freaking genius!!! Thank you thank you!!!