IK solver problem

I am new to Blender, but have encountered a problem while going through the tutorial on rigging an arm and foot.

The arm i can rig ok using IK solver, but when i move the arm using the IK bone i created, the bone starts to move away from the other bones rather than the bone staying locked into position with the other bones while i move it.

the bone starts to move away from the other bones

Does that mean that it doesn’t follow your cursor?

If the bone is not part of your IK-Chain what you say is normal; you can move the target bone anywhere you want. If you mean the bone is the Constrained one and not the target then you’ll have to say which version of Blender and if 2.4 then how you constructed your constraint.


Check to see if the control bone is parented to another. bone.

Make sure your bone is selected in edit mode, (turns yellow)
Look in thein the Edit window (F-9) for your bone.

If 'ts pareted to another bone, remove the parenting.

Look for the diologue window the the right of “Child of” open it up and select the blank space.

That should cure your problem.

That works great.