IK Solvers, Armatures, and Runtimes

Alright, I have a rig set up in GE, it works, and I have IK Solvers on the leg of my character…I play it in GE it works fine, but when I save the game into a Runtime the IK Solvers don’t work? Is this a bug or am I not allowed to ues IK solvers in runtime?

I used to have the link to this, but go to python section and search for “IK solvers that work”

I needed this too, and I had a little trouble founding it; so here it is : http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=75137.

Run the script, remove the IK constraints and runtime should work.

This is a very useful script. Maybe it could be added in a stickied thread, at least until IK solvers work in the GE or until the standard bake fonction works like this.

yes, the guy above is correct

but also remember that you don’t need to bake or remove contraints so long as the blendin value is set to 0


Well, maybe it depends what version of Blender you’re using (mine is 1.44), but I do need it, even without using blendin…

I’ve got a blend here : http://nwartelle.free.fr/chars_animv2.blend
and the same one with baked animation : http://nwartelle.free.fr/chars_animv2_baked.blend

All 3 action actuators have 0 in the blendin field.
Both versions work the same in blender, but when I save the first one to a runtime my character loses his arms and legs. The second one is OK ( but significantly larger in size, since it needs a lot more keys…).

By the way, I know there’s a couple of problems with player control in this, I may redo most of it anyway. And please don’t mind the jumping blob.

1.44 or 2.44?

I don’t know about runtimes

oh yeah nice rig I like it and from what I see it looks cool =D

Right, silly me, that’s 2.44 :yes:

Thanks a lot, I’m doing my best.

What do the IK solvers do, exactly? I’m not a programmer, I’m an artist, and game development is my passion, but i lack the programing skills i need. I know how to use almost all of the logic bricks properly, though… Sorry, trailed off for a min. anyway…

What do the IK solvers do, exactly?

I’m no expert either, but from what I understood IK solvers are just special bones in the armature that are not connected to the rest of the skeleton, and that works as a “target” for a chain of other bones.

You can for example have a foot IK solver, with its influence on the lower leg and the upper leg. Then you just have to move the solver, and the leg rotate and the knee bend to follow the movement. It makes animation easier than just rotating independantly each bone.

If you want to try, this tutorial use IK solvers for legs and arms (don’t forget to follow the improved rig instructions at the end of the rigging part).

Edit : Sorry, forgot the link : http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/BSoD/Introduction_to_Character_Animation#Rigging

my answer to this pb :