IK tip cannot....

Im trying to do a finger roll rig with a controller. and I select the bones and set the Ik constraint I get this message .IK tip cannot be linked to IK root. I have the " connect this bone to parent" button off …Did it in pose mode. Ive tried every witch way, Ive been working on this for days. I can only get small file tutorials, with mumbling and confusion. Please help


finger roll screw up.blend (153 KB)

I saw your file. All the bones within the chain are parented. The IK controller should not belong to the chain. Select the bone you want as IK controller and press ALT-P ( Clear the parent). Then proceed as you do. Select the IK controller, shift click select the bone to constraint, shift-I, to add the IK. Remember to adjust the chain length in the constraint panel.

Thanks for the quick reply, I’ll try again. I guess I unparented the wrong one. OK it worked . Thanks IN the videos it looked like they unparented the end bone.