Did this earlier in the month upon a sudden inspiration. I was testing a variety of mood and lightning techniques, and came up with this.


It is way too dark, I can’t figure out what it is.

It looks like a guy with a… square… behind him. And some kind of evil balloon chained to his head.

…Yeah, way too black for me to tell either. <:P

mixture of skully smilley and holloween pumkin? or is it Lecter from ‘Silence of the lambs’?

That’s pretty creepy.
For a wallpaper it could be pretty cool - nice and subtle. But if you want people to quickly tell what’s going on it is too dark.

it’s abba! but inded, too darck!

I was going for something that could be printed as a poster (hence the dimensions). I guess the darkness didn’t give the effect I intended. I’ll mess with the lightning a bit, and post it soon.

Darkness rarely does without light to bring it out.