IKEA ALEFJÄLL Office chair

After working for a month, I can introduce you: IKEA ALEFJÄLL Office chair

I did the modeling step with Blender. First of all, I started to make the lower part of the chair, and gradually I did the upper parts and the leather parts. The step of making the leather parts were difficult for me because I was working with Blender cloth simulation seriously for the first time. I was very disappointed in this part, but thanks to my friend ( @saeid.sohili ), I was hopeful and pushing forward. In the next step, I made the required textures with substance painter. also, this was my first time working with that. Using the shortcuts of this software was very annoying for the first time, but I got used to it.
After making the textures, it was time to do the post-production steps, i.e., preparing the environment, lights, cameras, etc. After exporting and rendering the scenes, I modified the final images in Photoshop.
there are three colors for this chair.
I also thank my friends ( @mujib1 ), ( @__.kiarwsh ), ( @r.shia ), and others for helping me enhance the details of the work.

This 3D model is available for sale.

Final results:

Clay render:

Wireframe render: