Ikea Symfonisk redesign

I always loved the idea behind the Ikea Symfonisk lamp and speaker combination, but never liked the actual design. 2 Years ago I allready made another redesign, but as Ikea launched a new one recently, I decided to give my own spin to it again.

It was quite a challnge to get the lighting and the translucent fabric right, but in the end it was quite simple. Textures are from Poliigon and the wood texture is from texture.supply. Lighting is done with and HDRI for the environment light and a point light for the light of the lamp itself.


Beautiful. This soft light… so pleasing!

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Thank you! It was challenging to get right, but I’m happy with the end result.

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Superb render and texure modelling.
Very impressive.

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Love it Thijs! I have been working on arch-viz for more than a decade on other unbiased engines and software, I have no idea how complex it is to achieve this results on cycles. As a new user it´s a bit confusing but also exciting to see how powerful and customizable the nodes can be. I have been using blender a little bit on non architectural related work, but results like yours convince me this is the right way to go.

Related to the image, love the warm tones and general monochromatic/nordic feel to it, did you use some assets from chocofur or other sites? i like the framed art too and i think the image has the right amount of chaos but still feeling pretty clean. great work.

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Thanks a lot! Glad you liked it

Thank you! I also work in Arch-viz, mainly with 3DS Max in combination with Vray. I always switch back to blender for my personal projects, it feels more streamlined and more user friendly and as you mentioned the node systems gives a lot of creative freedom.

The models are from Dimensiva and some from 3dsky.org. The models are not native for blender but they are quite easy to work with as long as the have FBX files.


Awesome design, great scene too. I really like the lighting and texturing!

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Amazing work. However, as always. Can you tell me what makes this detailed? What denoiser are you using? optix?


Thank you! I use this add-on for the denoising of the image: https://kevinlorengel.gumroad.com/l/SuperImageDenoiser.

It is completely free and I highly recommend checking it out! These renders were rendered in 4k with just 100 samples. Do make sure to check out the youtube tutorial to set it up properly.


Thank you very much! This is important information. Optics spoils the picture a lot.

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No problem! And I agree, optix cuases a lot of blurry areas and smudges. This add-on does an awesome job at keeping the little details in the textures at low samples.

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thanks Bart! Jij ook goed weekend

Part two of this Symfonisk Redesign Project. Decided to test out the Octane render engine as I had seen some good results online, and it has a free tier version for Blender. It has certainly some benefits over Cycles but I still have to decide if these are worth it over the fact that I have to rebuild my entire 3D library to work with Octane.

The benefits in my opinion after testing is out for this scene.

  • The displacement texture node is a really easy way to add displacement without the need to subdivide your geometry. (This feature is used on the couch and the cloth on the speaker fabric).

  • The light coming in from the HDRI looks more realistic and lights up the room in a better way in comparison to cycles.

  • The fall-off map makes is really easy to make realistic looking fabrics.

  • Reflective materials, like the glass on the glasses, looks crisper.

I still have to do more research with this render engine and see how it behaves in different scenes, like outdoor, nature and such, but it was nice to experiment with another powerfull render engine within the blender ecosystem.


Very high quality picture… Are you seriously considering switching to octane?

I’m not sure yet. I have to see how Octane handles in different scenes and lighting scenario’s. If it gives me the results that i’m after, I’m switching over.


Just uploaded the final visual for this project!