Hey y’all, on a tradition of doing anti-valentines day art each year, i drew up and colored this on tuesday. Please tell me what you think of it!

edit: instead of opening a new thread, i’m going to just continue posting recent works here.

It’s 18x24 watercolor and ink, and the gun is a desert eagle.

Nice flow to the lines. Cool palette. Not sure about the message…

well, i admit that it’s of dubious subject matter, but art’s about pushing limits, right? Thank you nonetheless. here are a few more recent works that use similar styles. one abstract and one still life.

because of the upload limit, i have to double post to get these up. the first one is about two years old and represented the first of my valentines day pieces, the second is just an abstraction of Seattle. Please, critique and criticize!

I lie the second one, nicely presented. :slight_smile:

Thank you! here’s another one i finished today.

here’s a couple more recent things. Critiques welcome!

Not really. Who says that it is?

i do. And i hardly see the utility in posting a comment just to question my approach…?

carrying on, here are two new paintings i’ve done. the first is an imagined portrait of my dad at 89 years old (a joke for his 54th birthday), and the second is the third try in a series of attemps to learn how to paint bamboo.

I wasn’t questioning your approach to art. And can I remind you that you did phrase your comment on art’s purpose as a question? We are in a traditional art thread and my comment dealt with artistic theory pertaining to the subject matter at hand. I don’t have anything against it contextually and your personal approach to art is of no concern to me. The fact of the matter is that you made a blanket statement about art that I simply wanted clarification on. If art was about pushing limits, why isn’t every artist reaching to be the most offensive, the most minimalistic, or the most eccentric? And then, once limits are reached, why do we continue creating? I may have been abrasive, but the purpose of my comment was only to ask where your view on art came from.

And I apologize for inadvertently continuing to convert this into an off topic rage thread.