Illustrator Logo Woes (Again!)

Hi All,

Once again I am trying to use an Illustrator file with Blender. I have opened the AI file in CS3 and saved it out as a SVG file version 1.1.

I import the SVG file and click preserve colors. The logo is close, but for some reason, the Blender import routine (or illustrator export routine) has inverted the intended empty space of all hollow characters. See attached image.

I am no expert at editing, but I am wonder what steps can I take to invert the solid colors back into their appropriate areas?



After playing around with it I came up with this workflow.
All the grey letters that need holes actually have a second curve that you can not see. Simply click blindly (or switch to wireframe view) to select it then SHIFT-SELECT the outer curve and press CTRL-J. Once you join these two curves together, it becomes a single letter with a hole in the middle.
The big O to the left was the most problem. The outer curve was simply messed up so I deleted it and took a copy of the outer curve from the dark red O and sized it up where I needed it.

Another problem I discovered with the SVG import is that it makes a ton of materials, one for every curve. This is really annoying and unneccessary. The script should check if the diffuse color is the same and reuse the same material.