ILM: Creating the Impossible (Birth of CGI)

Just saw this on the tube, we are lucky these days :smiley:
Using Blender since around (or before) 1999 has made me appreciate the advances that much more :slight_smile:

God, pXd, thank you for posting that. I’m watching the whole series, I’m on the fourth chunk now. This is just a FANDAMNTASTIC show!
Like probably everyone here, I got into Blender because of ILM and ILM’s Pixar. If it weren’t for the people in this doc, NONE of us would be doing this, none of us would be talking on this site, none of us would be using Blender, and I know for a fact that I would have offed myself years ago.
If you’re an old Blenderhead, you need to watch this. This doc is like a Blender museum. It’s all here.
And if you’re new to Blender and CG, YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS. It’s required reading. Don’t really understand the Big Cycles craze? Don’t know what we’re all talking about when we say “photorealism”? Do you get your particle systems confused with your node systems? WATCH THIS DOCUMENTARY. Not only does it show you what all of these things are about, but it shows you why they were created, how they were created, how they were first used, and it takes you to the horses mouths of the people who created them.
The cool part is, it shows you the parts of your favorite movies, the parts you could never work out the technical bits of. It puts you there at the birth of CG, and it shows you where it’s all going, and why.
THANK YOU AGAIN, pXd! Ron Howard, Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, Ed Catmull… they are all the stars of this show. I’m making popcorn and watching all night like a kid at the matinee, sneaking in to watch Buck Rogers and western serials all night long, over and over again. Good times!

@AdamEtheredge No worries mate! Yeah I found it amazing too! well worth a watching, I love the very first UV unwraps and projecting the film onto the polys etc!! Totally amazing, then using the initial apples for CGI, woah! Blew me away. Thanks to Ton and BF people have these tools at home now, and for free. It’s amazing how far technology has come in the past 20 or so years, and its only gonna get better in the next 20!
It’s not just about polishing the tools we have and creating smoother and faster workflows, its the innovation, and ideas that are taking technology to places its never been before.
Mind blowing stuff :slight_smile: