I'm a begginner

(joeyjoejoe) #1

ok, I have never done anythng in blender. and I just started about a week ago. I did a couple of tutorials, and I finally got a finished one. Tell me what you think, and how I could change it.


(BgDM) #2

Hey joeyjoejoe! Welcome to the world of Blender!

That is a pretty good start, for only doing it for a week. My only suggestion would be to just keep on pluging away. You will getbetter, and you will learn the ins and outs if you keep on doing the tutes.

For the images that you have posted:

  1. Get some actual iamges textures for the earth, etc. and apply them instead of using procedurals. It will look much better.

  2. Turn down the specularity on the spheres. It’s in the Material window, Spec slider.

  3. Try using spot lights for lighting, as well as regular lamps. Spots are the only way to get shadows in Blender, for some reason. Hopefully that will get fixed with the Open GL.


(valarking) #3

Hey Joe (he was my roommate in a program I went to, I got him into blender), some other things I would suggest would be to turn the Spec value down a little bit on the Earth and especially Mars, and turn the Hard value down alittle bit. Keep going.

valar_king (Scott)