I'm a little Alien

Hi all!

Just a little alien I put together yesterday, I had the design already done but I drew a front and side view of it and then made it into 3d in about 2 hours.

The alien has only got a simple rig installed but I’m looking for some good legs- and arms-rig-tutorials to improve the rig enough to do some animating with it.

Vert count (without subsurf): 2355 vertices and 2258 faces
Render time: (with SSS) ca 20 seconds (without SSS) ca 9 sec
All blender internal




A very nice and “clean” model. “Clean” as in no icky subsurf mistakes. 20 thumbs up :smiley:

What are you going to do with it? Animate?

thank you Robo3Dguy, I’m thinking of using it for a short animation later on and also use it to practice my animation skills.

Right now I’m struggeling with the rigging of the character and there are lots of bugs in it at the moment, so I have to make a proper rigging before I start to animate.

This is not a good image. Try 3dsMax, because Blender is unusable for better images, because it is lack of features.

He’s cute! Looks like he could have quite a personality! However I agree with endi you are going to need some better software, blender is just too basic and simple. :smiley:

Duplicate message because of delay due to post count.
Sorry =/

Duplicate message because of delay due to post count.
Sorry =/

dude your alien is cute

and please endi i know your a good modeller and animator but your jokes are seriously not funny anymore.

[email protected] well, I’ve seen 3dsmax and I must say it looks waay to complex for a simple guy like me :stuck_out_tongue:

and thank you NOOBIE and stvndysn : )

My only problem now is that I have to find a good leg or hand rigging tutorial, I’ve tried to rig his hand by my self but when I bend the finger-bones the fingers shrink for some reason…

I really need help with what I’m doing wrong : (

Duplicate message because of delay due to post count.
Sorry =/

I like this little dude! I’m sure he will be lots of fun to animate :slight_smile:

I tried to post earlier, but had a link to a tut on theboomshelter dot ya-know. Guess my post count isn’t high enough. That rat tut and the Rinky tut from the BBB pal dvd download both helped me get my first rig (still in progress) going. Both will probably leave you with some questions remaining, but seem to be good places to start(?)

This is just endi’s backwards way of saying he likes it. :yes:

He kind of reminds me of a Zark. :wink:

[email protected] Wow! thank you, that rat tutorial might just be what I need. I had already taken a look at the video tutorial for rinky and it is that rig I have right now but with this new one I might be able to improve it a lot. :eyebrowlift:

[email protected] I see : ) in that case: Thank you endi

[email protected] Haha! yes you’re right! I had no idea that such character existed : )