i'm a proob (noob/pro) and i need help with my motor bike game

Ok this is the deal, i am making a game 4 my bro(obviously) and my motorbike is being stupid and stubborn so if anyone could lend a hand it would be grately appreciated.

thanks in advance, ur pal


i can’t upload 2 big srry:(:mad:

try uploading to somewhere else and posting the link here.
(I use http://www.cdupload.com/ )

Could you tell us what it is doing wrong(that would help)?

You’ll get more help if you post your thread in the support section…

I suggest mods move this thread.

Sooooo you can’t give us the blend, and you don’t tell us what’s wrong other than “stupid and stubborn.”

What exactly do you want from us?

Give it a good spanking and send it to bed without dinner. Tomorrow he’ll obey…

But yeah, more info would be nice.

srry bout bein vage. this is a school comp so i must keep this breif. the problem is that when i try to rotate my motorbike it only rotates 90 degrees and i think it has somthing to do with the ipo. i will upload it to media fire when i get home:o.

ok the original problem has been corrected somhow and i don’t know y:yes: but a new problem has come up:(
here is the new problemhttp://www.mediafire.com/download.php?mkmq1cnlyq2

Will forum members download your .blend if you don’t give any information in your posts?

Will forum members download your .blend if you don’t give any information in your posts?

i’m not sure wat u mean. i um said all i could but i can’t explain anything in any greater detail. i’m somone that needs to draw diagrams and can’t explain because noone understands wat the hell i’m sayin. see wat i’m sayin.

yes, i see. So, Good luck.

i have already givin enough info on my prob havnt i?:o i’m so srry about my explaining.

What is your problem exactly?

You haven’t given any info except that it involves a motorbike

downloading it will explain everything you need to know. i i’ll say AGAIN i can’t explain real well so you probably wont understand until you download it and see for yourself. i’ll try to explain. when you try to turn the motorbike it turns odd, the back wheel comes up and the bike faces into the ground and when you let go of the turning key its goes in a frenzy(probably cause i did wat blazer003 said to do). so thats it all i can explain.

and 1 more thing, can the vehicle wrapper be used on a 2 wheeler?

I see your problem you’re having, but have no solution.:no: