IM BACK...Cont.

(mr_artshow) #1

well guys i’ll have a website up later, I don’t have one yet.
this old comp that i got now is too old and slow, but ,most of all
it doesn’t have that much space left on the hard drive. about two mornings ago i came to the comp and after a night going through the internet and down loading junk the memory didn’t seem to run well so
i went to see how much space I had left and it was down to 160kb…!!!
so now I got me enough money to get me a faster better high speed comp for me to work with plus i’m moving out to my own place and starting a new job, oh plus fixing my car cause I hit a deer the other night during a thick fog which messed up my car really bad. but it’s all good!
if you want to see a sample of what I’m working on check this out; i worked on it during the two weeks of christmas that I got to come home:

it’s ok? ive worked on other characters and 1 level design, the rest is still ramed and cramed in my head still and I can wait till i’ll get the chance to XPRESS MY IDEAS!!! HELL YEAH!!!

, oh by the way if you where thinking, its going to be a fighting game.

-one question; i was thinking about making the website in flash. Good IDEA or BAD IDEA, or maybe both.

(Yamyam) #2

Hey! Welcome back!(and sorry for slow reply)

But, I can’t see your file…Have you uploaded your file yet?

(blengine) #3

link to seems no work…hmm, writing wrong url are you?

(mr_artshow) #4

ok how about this:

(bmax) #5

doesnt work either…

(Pooba) #6

Yeah, i went there but all i saw were empty folders and advertisements!

(gargola) #7

nope! error message! :slight_smile:

(IngieBee) #8

Hi gargola! hee hee


link to seems no work…hmm, writing wrong url are you?

You kill me! :smiley:

(gargola) #9

hi ingie! :smiley: