I'm back

(SideXffects) #1

I know I’ve had a bad start with everyone. So I’m going to start out again. I just made a community the website is http://sidexffects.suddenlaunch.com. This will have to do until I finish my site. Also you have to login on the password taht you were registered with then change the password to any password that you’d like.

(SideXffects) #2

It looks like it’s going to take a long time to get SideXffects recognized but it will get recognized.

(SideXffects) #3

I made some modifications. I made new forums posted some posts. So far looks good.

(theeth) #4

I think this thread could be a little better if you didn’t talk to yourself so much…


(blengine) #5

i have to say, yer sites looking good, and strong… good job on that… but as for your development on sidexffects, i honestly dont beleive your working on it at all… maybe some screen shots AND a test beta would get the whole community on your side…right now, i think its all fake

(basse) #6

is it going to be open source :slight_smile:


(sten) #7

is the word I think

fake LOL :smiley:

(Timothy) #8

As I stated before.

This is not a forum to either:

a. promote a product
b. misguide people

I’ve asked you before not to try and promote your product here. Which many people (including me) doubt it a product at all since the way you talked about it before is highly impossible and unlawfull.

Timothy Kanters