I'm back!

(WayStar) #1

Hi all, thought I’d drop a line to let all know I’m okay and looking forward to getting caught up with everyone. (And I’m hoping everyone else is okay as well.)

I went ahead and did the Foundation membership thang. Least I can do considering that Blender is all that keeps me sane when my stupid tonsils decide to get and keep strep for so long. Sheesh. (And they still don’t want to remove the buggers because they don’t restrict my breathing. I’m almost 32 years old and have to put up with kiddie diseases that knock me out for months on end. Double Sheesh.)

I can’t spend as much time online as I’d like because I’m catching up at work, but hopefully I can get some blends set up to show off.


(Dittohead) #2

moer goodies to look at 8)

(VelikM) #3

Bummer about the strep. But welcome back!

(@ce) #4

always great to have you back waylena :slight_smile:

(theeth) #5

ahahahah, that’s a funny thing, I was just about to ask if anyone had seen you lately and here you are :slight_smile:

Welcome back :smiley: