I'm basically killing myself off... cycling 470 Miles for charity

Hello folks,

It’s been a long time since I’ve been on here, quite a lot has changed!

Some of the older members may remember that over the last two years I have done two massive charity cycle rides (the first, 120 miles from Coast to Coast; the second, 260 Miles from Liverpool to London).

Well, we’re doing a third one - Edinburgh to Liverpool, or 470 miles. Eek. I’d best get training!

We’ve got a facebook page which we’d really appreciate you guys “liking” :slight_smile:

And we’ve also got our official website, go there for info on how to help spread the word and help us raise as much as possible for our charities :slight_smile:

And finally (and most importantly) we’ve got our official online donation website. If any of you guys can afford to, please consider donating, even if it’s just £1 / $1, it all adds up! :slight_smile:

Thanks very much guys! Keep blending


Sorry, I don´t intend to offend you but… last two years… massive cycle ride… 120 miles? Thats what… ~200km… maybe an unlucky choise of words :slight_smile:
An average rider does that in 2 days, I got trained friends that do that in one day.
470 miles is more impressing though.

Just saying.
But I think it´s great you do it.

Oh and on your homepage you might want to link the charities. I tried in vain to click them to get more info :wink:

120 miles is easy peasy if it’s flat mate, but we were literally going up and down through mountains and valleys the whole way. And let me tell you, with tents, sleeping equipment, provisions, stoves, clothes and other necessities on the bike and on your back, that aint easy :slight_smile: ! At one point we climbed to 1903 feet above sea level, before dropping and climbing and dropping and climbing again. All without a backup vehicle. It was a tough ride :slight_smile:

Two of the charities don’t have website so I can’t really link to them :slight_smile: but we’re working on getting some info together for a little section. Feel free to “like” our FaceBook page and keep up to date with our cycle!

Thanks for the comments bud, and thanks for taking a look! :slight_smile:

Good man.

I don’t have much else to say other than that… good on you!
I don’t know many people who would or could do that to help other people.

I wish you the best of luck, Alex!

HA! See my location. Flat is a word that´s not in the vocabulary of a regular Austrian - our bikes got roll cages JK :wink: (only ~15% of our country are considered flat)
But yeh, with luggage it can get tough. I think it´s a nice adventure without backup vehicle. Got to do that again too.
However by now my bike is rather loud and does several hundred kilometers in an hour :wink:

CHEAT! :stuck_out_tongue: haha! I wish I had a motorbike man, I’m jealous :slight_smile:

Thanks for the good wishes guys. Off to a fair today to get some more sponsorship, the ball is really rolling now!

I now someone who rode across the states. And not the quickest way at that. Good luck to you on your race though.