Im forming a game development team!!!!!!!!!!

:DHi my name is Herman and I am from South Africa Kreursdorp (close to key west mall). I want to form a team to create a PC game using Blender GE.:slight_smile: If you are interested to join me please send me an E-mail at;) [email protected].:wink: It doesn’t matter if you are totally new to game designing.:yes: As long as you have a passion for 3-D designing and gaming!:smiley:
:wink: or invite me on mxit- 072-750-3553

What is the game about?

I think you’re in the wrong topic. This is for finished games, and you also need to decribe what your game will be about, and what you currently have finished, as well as what kind, playstyle, and art style that you plan on having (realism or cartoony?)

Incredibly in the wrong forum. This should be in team projects. Also, you’d be taken much more seriously with a bit more info and a lot less exclamation marks

Im´sorry but this actual forum says "Blender Artists Forums > Game Engine > Team Projects "


It does… since the thread was moved here from finished games…

Man, just think of any actual game you want to make. Set up a base, and if it’s a nice idea some people with probably join.

Exactly you can’t expect people to just join and do all the work for you. You have to work on it and show what you have so far and then make a thread. And if you plan to sell the game forget it. to sell a game you need to:

  1. Communicate by email and not on the forums
  2. Know who is doing what and how you will divide the money(paypal, bank account etc.)
  3. Get the people to trust you enough to believe your not going to just run off with the money.

old thread dude… Not totally old, but it died, you didn’t need to revive it. Check the post dates next time.

15 days without a post is pretty old I admit,

but it’s way far from these necromaniac reviveing threads 1-2 years olds :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol necromaniacs :stuck_out_tongue: