I'm having a collusion of balls with the wall

Hello, I was having a problem, that I’ve been using balls in a box and I put gravity in positive so they can go up and after that I’ve added wind behind them so it will drag them out.

but I added a wall just like gate in front of the ball so when the gate open the balloon start coming out with wind pressure which is behind the balls but in my case when balls get collided with the front wall they stop there and doesn’t move even the gate pushed up

What should I do here?

There are a lot reason why it does not work. Make some screenshots from your setting or better upload the .blendfile so we can take a look at it.

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Is the “Animated” checkbox checked for your animated wall collider?

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sorry for late reply… No my animated box is not checked… Should I check

I meant should I checked it?

If your object is animated, yes

can we get in zoom call, if you don’t mind for only 10 mins

No, sorry but you can send me your blend file if you want and I can take a look.

it’s fine… I appreciate your time and It worked thanks