I'm having a siezure here.

Hey I just got the newest version of blender today, and whenever I click ANYTHING when not in wireframe mode, the screen flashes black and all the verticles become red for a split seconds, then goes back to normal. Scaling and such ends up flashing every time I make a movement, and very rapidly when I do a prolonged movement. The program is lagging like hell and starting to screw up selections.

What the heck is it? Does anyone else have this problem?

I don’t know, but it sounds like graphics drivers. Did you update recently?

what OS are you using ?
what graphic sard and video driver?


I honestly don’t know. I have a geforce 8600 card, but it worked fine earlier and the problem also applies to older versions of blender too. just today, ever since I started working on this one project I got off my USB (which I made with my older version, 2.3X IIRC)

Do you have your Nvidia software setup to force anti-aliasing or improved texture processing on programs? If so, turn it off. I’ve experienced a very similar issue to yours when I was trying to force anti-aliasing on blender.