I'm having problems with my character's normal map in blender

I have this problem, I put these nodes in the normal map material, but I noticed that one side is correct, but the other side of my character has the normal map backwards, as you can see in the two images. How do I resolve this?

The normals are right

The split normals are right, but are the face normals right? (I think they’re not :wink:) you can check by turning on Face Orientation in the Viewport Overlays- anything red, go to edit mode, Mesh menu > normals > flip
Based on your seams, it looks like you used a mirror modifier, which can really mess up face orientation


Random thought, but what happens if you change Color Space of the image to sRGB? :thinking:

To reverse a normals map, you have to invert the green channel by placing an RGB curves node between your normals map and the normals channel. Select the green channel, and drag the curve points to opposite ends ( vertical ) of where they are by default.

I got your tip for, I solve the problem, it was that the texture was in TIF format, converts to png and solves the problem

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