I'm Having this mesh problem

I’m modeling a starship Enterprise, and used the knife project tool on the cylinder geometry in this image. The cylinder is perfect until I do the knife project, whereupon I get these errors.

Anyone have any suggestions for how to smooth out the geometry?


Ah, now I’m getting somewhere!


So, the way I resolved this was to just redo the cylinder using double the polys (192 vs 96).

Now, I only hope that the geometry holds up once I start cutting in the viewports.

You were asking a modeling question on a wrong subforum and in the wrong way.

Modeling requires to know what is being modeled (design, forms), what is the model made for, and then the structure is manipulated to suit those. You’re not showing the structure, no .blend with the cutter, cylinder part with or without cuts to examine the geometry and resulting cut. Without all of that can’t say why it fails, or how to do it better, just state the obvious: it doesn’t work, do it better. Hence no replies.


You know, I think that I joined both the Blender Artists forum and the CG Society forums at about the same time. I also asked this same question at about the same time on both forums. The update that I posted here on the 27th was due to a helpful post in the CG Society blender subform. The poster somehow found me there, and managed to figured out what I meant to ask. http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?p=8356515#post8356515

I’m sorry that you couldn’t be bothered to try to be helpful, and it certainly isn’'t welcoming to posters who only use the board infrequently, and may not be as familiar with the board’s structure as a more prolific poster.

The whole reason I bothered to leave a comment was to help with the next one. I also left a link to a tutorial about posting, which should increase your chances of receiving help with later questions.

It takes very little to not reply to a thread, one click to close the tab. 230 views here and 380 there, you’re not engaging community help in either forum. It’s not about how well you can describe your problem which is quite easy, image(s) and a bit of text is often enough. It’s what tools you leave to look into your problem and help replying your thread with answers, instead of questions and guesses. And it’s a community so ideally multiple different suggestions from multiple people to solve the problem.

Beginners can make simple questions very hard to answer when they don’t know how to do that. “Why my object doesn’t render” - I have at least 9 answers to that. I sure as hell won’t list them all and spend an evening making a mini tutorial, explaining what those all mean and how to check them, especially when I would be assuming that the answer is one of them instead of something unusual. When the poster is an advanced user, it’s pretty much a guarantee that the answer is not obvious and really need to be able to troubleshoot it properly.

I’m pretty sure you ended up with a workaround that is not at all the right way to get a proper topology, and that just because you didn’t bother to show the geometry of the object in question, nor you attached any file; a very weird manner to ask for help, as JA12 clearly explained.

If your reply is the sort I can expect to receive in the future (contentless, self-congratulating, arrogant), I think it’s fair to say that I won’t be long on these boards. By the way, burying any help you might think you’re providing in a signature, in fact isn’t helpful at all. In other words, call attention to help, don’t hide it. Don’t assume posters know your way of communicating, and then hold it against them when they don’t. Make it clear.

Finally, I didn’t ask “why my object doesn’t render?” What did I ask?

So, why would I share a .blend file with dudes I don’t know? I would be far more likely to provide settings or screenshots of my settings, if asked in a helpful spirit.

All JA12 has done is tell me I’ve posted in the wrong subforum, and didn’t phrase my question in the right way.

Judgmental behavior, and I still don’t know which subforum is the right one, nor the proper way to phrase my question.

I have a question for you: Were you able to suss out the meaning of my problem from what I DID post?

Yes, I was, but since I’m not into your Scene I don’t know the answer; it’s like as you would phone to the doctor because you feel bad, and you expect he makes a diagnosis without visiting you.

Your polemic won’t help you, in the future do post clear images of the geometry and attach a file, otherwise you’ll get only vague answers or nothing at all. period.


Alright, I’ll bite (although I offered no polemic): what do you mean when you say clear image?

With clear image I mean one clearly showing whatever is needed for the understanding of the issue, as common sense suggests case by case, in this instance at least the geometry of the object(s).
But as JA12 has pointed out, a file showing the problem is the best, it allows others not only to answer the question but even to correct the issues and post it back.


You but you can understand my reluctance to give you my blend file, right? Nominal community or not, I don’t know you from Adam.

Do not be ridiculous, what do you think we would do with a piece of pipe?
You don’t have to append the whole scene, just the object concerned, or the relevant part of it.