I'm having trouble with the Shockwave Tutorial

(TheHobbit) #1

“Stencilling is used to blend one texture with another. Very useful to add random patches of rust to a metal material for instance. Also, its great for intensity maps. We’ll use it now to make the fire very intense in the outer parts of our shockwave and make it less intense in the inner parts of it. To do our stencil map. Make a copy of the shockwave shape texture we just did by adding it to another layer and then pressing the ‘Make single user’ button.”

I don’t know what it means by make a cop of the shockwave shape texture and add it to another later and make single user. Help? I tried copying the shape that has the texture into layer 2 but I don’t see the make single user button so I must be seeing this wrong…

(dreamsgate) #2

at the top of the window there is a button with the material name. There is a little “X” button next to it.press that button. A dialog box will pop up that asks you if you want to make single user.
hope that helps.

(phlip) #3

The little ‘X’ button is delete link…
There is a number to the left of it if there are multiple users of a datablock, it is how many materials, etc are using it.
Click the number to create single user

(dreamsgate) #4

whoops my bad!