I'm looking for EASY box modeling tutorials

Humans are hard, especially faces. Real world animals are also kind of hard. I get one aspect of the anatomy wrong and things start looking uglier and uglier and I lose all motivation.

So does anyone have a box modeling tutorial of some kind of monster or something where even if it looks wrong and ugly it’s ok because it’s supposed to be inhuman and kind of ugly? Preferably something without too many polygons but still all-quad topology?

I don’t believe it can help you, but yesterday I was making my first plays with sculpting having Suzanne as a base.

At least I think it’s ugly. But in my defense, I never worked with sculpting.

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That’s “sculpting” though. I have gone so many years without using a pen/pencil/crayon that scuplting just isn’t in the cards for me. My pencil holding and wiriting/drawing muscles have atrophied. So i’m looking for gold old fashioned polygon point pushing box modeling.

That’s why I said I believed it was not going to help. It’s just ugly. But I was not intending to make anything good, just trying the sculpting tools for the first time.

I really enjoyed though.

Maybe this tutorial can help you: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K-cF-kyeDoE