I'm making a water ornament. (also i had some questions)

I’m currently learning about fluid sim (mantaflow) in blender 2.83.
resolution are : 128

questions are :

the second level is getting overflowing, how to solve that?

  1. How to make the water “drained” (the water getting away) when water is out from 4th level so i can make loop animation? I tried a plane and fluid> outflow, but it doesnt do anything. (look ath the video, the cement plane is a outflow)

  2. I found those dissapearingwater droplets, i can fix it, or it’s software limitation?

  3. is there a way, just jump to a frame that everything is already flowing so i can just loop it? baking water always starts at frame 1…it needs to be from empty to be filled…

I really need a guidance about fluid, fire mantaflow sim learning. on youtube they only teaches how to pour a water into a domain, and that’s it…

nobody’s answering :frowning: