I'm New Please Help Me With Some Starter Questions.

(goj) #1

Hi all, I just got blender and would like some questions answered.

+First of all how can you rotate the viewpoint. I used Gmax before so that is what I mean if you do not understand me.

+Is there a plug-in for importing/exporting 3ds files.

That is all for now but I bet there will be more.


(Grizzly69) #2

you can change the viewport by using the numpad 7,1,3 (top, front, side)
You can also split the screen into more than 1 window. do this by going to the edge of the viewport at the top. when the cursor turns to a little double arrow, right click and select split.

There is a script to convert .3ds files to .blend files. You need to have python installed to use it.

(goj) #3

Thanks, I found the scrip and I am figuring out how to use it. As for the viewpoint I ment that you click a button and then you can rotate at will.

Ever used Gmax? If you did then you would know what I mean.

(Grizzly69) #4

That would be the middle mouse button. click and hold, then use mouse movements to change the view. If you don’t have a middle mouse button there is a way to emulate it but I don’t recall off the top of my head what buttons to hold down while moving.

(goj) #5


(ectizen) #6

middle mouse button = rotate
shift + middle mouse button = slide
ctrl + middle mouse button = zoom

mouse wheel = middle mouse button
alt + left mouse button = middle mouse button