I'm searching for someone who can make Animations for my new game (collab work)


I’m searching for a Animator/Rigger which can make the Walk Cycles, Jump Animations etc. for me.
Animator will get credits of course!!
The game is made by me and 16 other people and hope to get an answer soon.
It will be an 3rd person adventure/shooter.

Thanks in advance,

The BGE teamworks forum is exactly for what you want, I will ask moderation to move your topic there.

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Well, I usually do professional work, but for something simple I may be able to help with donating some of my abandoned projects. They have player meshes, and animations.

Send me a Personal message detailing your project.

Even if the meshes do not meet your theme, the rigs and animations might be useful.

Hey JoJoe, thank you a lot every help is more than welcome :slight_smile: is it ok if I send you a Blend with a character and you take a look at it?