I'm stuck in past and I need advice on GPU

So, basically, I model for fun on my work when I have free time. For some reasons my workplace does not allow bringing own laptops (not really, they mind only “take back home” part :D) so I only have 10 year old PCs to work with.

So, to keep long story short, what old as hell AGP 8x 1.5 V would fit me best?

CPU AMD Athlon XP, 1616 MHz (12 x 135) 1900+
Motherboard ASRock K7S41GX
RAM 512+256 Mb

Or shall I just slap randon Nvidia based video card on it and stop bothering you?

Or shall I just slap random Nvidia based video card on it

If you can find AGP one now…
Then, it wont let you use Cycles renderer on it - that would go CPU only; RAM is 1.25 GB too short to reasonably do anything graphical on win or linux. I wont go further here.
If i were you i wouldn’t spend a penny on upgrades for this. Even considering scarce resources that would be a waste of money.
Rather look for something 7 yrs later produced. Sorry if i sound sound harsh - i’m 5 years ahead technically and plan ( :slight_smile: ) on some kind of upgrade…