I'm THE ORIGINAL! A real blenderhead!

Here’s a simple but funny image I made! I may be able to fix it if I find the blend. Befor the image here are a row of smileys. :evilgrin::p:p:eyebrowlift::eyebrowlift::eyebrowlift2::eyebrowlift2::yes:;):rolleyes::RocknRoll:


(By the way click the image)

It’s cool. I’ll click on the image l8tr.

no you’re not. You’re number 345.

I hate to say this PapaSmurf but I don’t get how funny your joke is.

I need C&C please!!!

Sorry to say, but your 3d model is way to boring.
But hey, that is my opinion.
Change the light though.

… what is this?