im trying to learn but this is to hard

i think im getting over my head when it comes to python. im trying to learn my own scritps and ive read a few diffrent articles on what it takes but i still think im reading chinese or something. the bullet physics system is realy amzing i i can do alot of things but im sure i cant pull off every thing i want to so im asking a simple request. if some one any one can give me a few tips for writing python spacificly in blender would you please. and second i need kind of soonish a python that lets me select things in game. it probably wont be a hard python to write for just that and im sure if i tried i might be able to make it but i want to be able to choose wich items i can select (almost like a menu) and then have it react. if this is posible to do let me know or if some one would like to help make the python it would be greatly appreciated.

Have you done Social’s tutorial?

im not sure yet ill search for it but a link incase i cant find it would be great thanx :smiley: