I'm upgrading to windows 10, will Blender work with it?

Will I be able to use GPU rendering, will the program run smoothly, etc.

You should see no significant difference

Thank you :slight_smile:

on win 10 no problems up to now

only thing is with the forum here
when I make some PM if you touch some keys you loose the page !

sorry don’t know about big GPU card

well there is one bug in folders for win 10 and bl files
if you save a blend file
you may have to change folder then come back or you are not able to click on the old bl file !

happy cl

I just posted a thread on this. I can’t get blender to run at all in Windows 10. I just get a blank DOS window with a blinking cursor and that’s it. I tried 2.74 and then 2.75a and no luck.

re check if your win 10 is good and complete

I installed win 10 last week and mostly much better then the old win 8.1

no problems in general with blender at all

happy bl

just found a bug on forum here

on win 10 edge
I cannot get to the forum site contact on top header somehow

happy bl

Over all Win 10 is great, Photoshop, LightWave, 3D-Coat, and games have no problems. blender is the only app I’ve had a problem with.

well I did not have any problems with any App or programs I had

may be try to re install blender !

happy bl