I'm using background images in the 3d as a reference but they are blurry

I’m using background images in the 3d as a reference but they are blurry. The files are JPG’s.

How can I fix this?


Lower the blend value in the background image thingy.

Helps but the image is still distorted

Is it pixelated or what? Can you post a screenie?

Sorry can’t show image. Its just blurry. Sharp black pixels in the original image are blured

It’s kinda hard to help, if I don’t know what I’m looking at. Ctrl-Shift-F3 your viewport and attach the image please.

Camera Output Size should match Image Size
In some of my gif banner animtions i am using background image with some other software and 3D part with Blender. see in my signature

kkrawal, it’s a background image, not a world texture. It has nothing to do with the camera, it doesn’t even get rendered.

Ok image attached


maybe the jpg is too compressed or the image is too big in height and width?

Yeah it’s pixelated alright. Maybe try to fix it in a image editor like GIMP or PS. Not sure how though.

Is that the whole of the original image showing in the viewport?

It looks almost like you are zoomed in a lot. When you scroll the MMB to zoom in, you zoom into the image as well causing pixelation. Try zooming out or use that same image on another viewport. Basically what does it look like when you can see all sides of that image?