Image as guide line

So I got an image of a person view from the front, another one view from the side.How would I use these 2 images as guidlines for my modelling?

At the bottom of the 3d window (the one where you do the modeling in) there should be a view menu. Click on that, and choose Background Image from the menu. It should pop up a semi-transparent window.

Click on Use Background Image and more options should pop up. First, click on the little folder button next to “Image:”, and navigate to the image you want to use. There should be a little blue box by the images that Blender can load. If there isn’t a blue box, you will have to convert your picture to a jpeg or whatever is compatible with Blender.

After that, you will see the image appear in the 3d window. You will only be able to see the background image from camera view, and the top, front, and side orthographic views (Numpad 7,1, and 3 respectively).

The “Texture:” button let’s you use a texture as the background (I don’t use this that often), and the “Blend:” option sets how opaque the background image appears. The other options in the little window will change the size of the image, or move it up/down/left/right.

To get more than one background image, you can either:

  1. Load another image, and use the little up-down arrows next to the “Image:” button to switch between the different images.
  2. split the 3d window and put different background images in each
  3. or add a new screen (the up-down arrows at the top of the blender window with the “SCR:” Text field), put different background images in those, and switch between screens with ctrl+leftarrow or ctrl+rightarrow.

There are probably other possibilities, but hope this works for the time being.

This question has been asked dozens of times. Please search the forum next time.


Hey thanks O and I did search for “image as guideline” in the forum search and there were like 1000 pages I looked the first coupel but none of them helped me much

You can also try the following steps:

  1. Make both the images the same size.
  2. Creat a plane with the ratio of the height to the width the same as the images.
  3. Dulicate it (SHIFT+D)
  4. Set the planes perpendicular to each other and the same distance off the origin (see top left).

  1. Choose one of the planes and press F
  2. Move mouse pointer to the top view and replace 3D-view with UV/Image Editor (shortcut SHIFT+F10)
  3. In UV/Image Editor open the image using command Image > Open.
  4. Move mouse pointer back to that part of the screen which has the chosen plane and pressed ALT+Z
  5. If the image on the plane needs rotating, press R and choose UV Co-ordinates.
  6. Repeat this last step till the image is in the right position.
  7. Repeat the steps 4 - 9 for the other plane also.
  8. While working remember to use orthographic view in both front and side views
  9. Now you can start modelling.
  10. When you add for example a cube, you notice that you can’t see in Object mode the image on the plane behind the cube. To correct it you have to choose Wire-option from Drawtype menu.

I hope this helps. Happy blendering


Hey thanks O and I did search for “image as guideline” in the forum search and there were like 1000 pages I looked the first coupel but none of them helped me much

When you type “image as guideline” into search it returns every post that has the word “image” or “guideline” in it – the default appears to be “or”.

To search for posts that have both words present separate them with “and” and leave out words like “as” “the” etc.

So if you search for “image and guideline” you only get 4 results.