Image files are not showing up in Blender file browser

So I wanted to import an image so I can do contour modeling but almost all of my pictures are not showing up in the file browsers. Only two images show up and the rest don’t. I have tried looking at various suggestions and none of them have worked so far. For example I checked to make sure “Load UI” was turned on and it was already. I also checked all the different file types of buttons to make sure the right files are showing up in the file browser and that didn’t do anything. So now I’m at a lost as to how to get all of my images to show up in the file browser so I can import them into my project.

Okay, so I have made some progress on my issue and I have kind of figured things out a little bit. So apparently you can drag and drop images from your computer’s file browser into Blender. Although that doesn’t explain why most of my pictures won’t show up in Blender’s file browser. Nevertheless this should hopefully allow me to do contour modeling and if not, then I’ll have to figure out more information about how image files work in Blender. Unfortunately this whole process is very complicated and it doesn’t seem very intuitive. If anyone could help me out with some much needed information about this then that would be great.

no screenshots? what version are you running? what OS? what type are your images?

as above WHAT operating systemn are you using and WHAT version is it

WHERE did you get these unknown “images” from!
and what file extension are they

– PS
if you use MS windows then Microsoft will " For YOUR convenience " HIDE known file extensions BY DEFAULT

for example that “music.mp3” file’s real name might be " music.mp3.exe" and you just installed a virus
and MS thinks that is good for you