image library for python 3.2

is there a image library for python 3.2.???
i already know PIL, but there is no version compatible with python 3.2 which i could use in bge (blender 2.57)

What do you want to use it for in the bge?

1.for minimap generation (of an array)
2.for applying some cool filters for screenshots

  1. Why not use Python to add / place objects on the map (like a red dot for enemies, green dot for items, etc.)? I would assume that’s how real games do it.
  2. You can use the VideoTexture / bge.texture modules to make a copy of what a camera renders to apply filters to. Alternatively, you can also use GLSL 2D filters for filtering the colors on the whole screen.

VideoTexture/bge.texture can also be used to load image data form a file. This is what Bgui does to work around the lack of Python3 libs.

Moguri’s correct - the bge.texture module is good for loading image data from a file, though I doubt it would support the image format you wanted (it was something like .xft?).