Image sequence/FFmpeg result has very poor video quality

I rendered my images as PNG, put the image sequence into video edit mode and tried multiple output ways, however everytime it comes out looking horrible. Can anyone tell me what im doing wrong? Screenshot (13)

I had problems too.

Your screenshot shows that you are using version 2.93.1.

Version 2.93.2 contained some bug fixes related to FFmpeg.

You may want to give it a try because it worked for me!

I tried it, still looks the same. While I was at it I got the newest version (2.93.5) but I dont think it doesnt work cause of that. But thank you for your response.

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divx is discountinued in 1999. Use h264

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Tried it, but when I set it to h264 all I get when rendering is this grey screen.

Check output directory

Do you mean for the pngs or for the video sequence? And if so what should I check?

The directory on your desktop

Could you go maybe go more into detail what on my directory, I should check?


Found the solution! Turns out FFmpeg simply did not like my Dimensions so I just turned them to default for the video sequence render!