Image Sequences For 2.8

Does anyone know when the Blender devs will implement image sequences in 2.8? I have a few projects in which the VFX only works with this method.

Tried it in the latest build and it still doesn’t work.

It’s working on my end. Are you sure your setting is right?


Tried and still not working. Is there another setting I need to enable?

Oh wait! It works when I render it, but I cannot see the preview in realtime in shaded mode.

It was only in my crappy laptop with NVIDIA Geforce GT 720m but it can preview it.
The first time I tried to playback it only ran 5-8 fps because of caching, then it will run smooth 25+fps after that.
Dunno about yours.

Was there anything else you enabled before setting the material?

I think you need to exactly turn on only “Auto refresh” and turn off “Cyclic” to see the preview.

Tried that and it still doesn’t work immediatly. I have to restart Blender for it to work.

The thing is, it’s maybe the “cache”, if you know a bit of how computer works in general.
So when I can preview it, then I turn the “auto refresh” off, I would still be able to run the animation just fine, until after some time Blender would update the changes and tell the computer that the cache is obsolete and then stop previewing the sequence as it supposed to not show it because of the settings.

Yeah yesterday when I was testing it I switched on and off auto update, and cyclic before I found a combination that got it updating, but then when I set things back to what they were it was still working…