image sequencing again (edit: just shoot me!)

alright this relates to the thread in finished projects “First Caustic - First Photorealistic”

i rendered a version of my scene without caustics with reflections then again without reflections and with caustics to be joined in the sequencer but my question is:

How do i do that!?

i add an image and another image then i use an effect over both of them and then i press do sequence and try to render as a jpg and it doesn’t work! i get a black image?! i set the start and stop animation buttons to 1 and 2 but that doesn’t work either. What do i do?

okay simple prob - i deleted everything from my new blend by pressing Akey and i accidently deleted the camera too! duh - no camera - no image! sorry for the wasted space!

Admin, delete this entire thread and saave me the embarrASSment! :expressionless: :expressionless: :expressionless: PLEASE!!!