image storage?

(muzzy) #1

does anyone have any suggestions on where i should be storing my finished work online, so that i could just give people a web site to go to to veiw my work, even where they could download some of my blend files… ?? :slight_smile:

(S68) #2


Lycos, Yahoo, angelfire and tripod all provides free web space.

Beware, angelfire and tripod does not allow remote linking, so they are a pain for you or for the viewers.

Acasto ( is kindly providing some web space too


(IMProvisar) #3

Yup, if you get one of those free hosts that don’t allow hotlinking, please please put them on an .html :). If you don’t know how, it’s real simple.

First, open a plain text editor. Either Notepad… ick, or a good one off the web, I like EditPad Pro, The Pro version does cost money and is available as a download after purchase, but they do have EditPad Classic and EditPad Lite available as freeware.

Next, copy and paste the following line in a new text file…


You may want to save it immediately now as something like “skeleton.html”, then for any new image, just open and modify the skeleton file, and save it as something else.

Next, just replace your_image.jpg with the name of the image you want to post, and save it as a different .html file.

When you upload your files (image and .html), make sure they’re in the same directory/folder on your website.

Finally, when you post in the forum, just give the url of that .html file, and no one will get any errors (unless your host is just down all together… but that’s a different problem, hehe).