Image texture not affected by lights

Hi Guys, hoping someone can help me:
I seem to have an issue where image textures on a model i’ve created aren’t affected by lighting.
No matter how bright or dark I make the scene, these textures remain constant.
They are PNG textures placed on a UV unwrapped meshes.
Everything else in the scene is reacting fine.

I’m fairly new to blender, so hopefully is something simple i’m missing?

Any help would be greatly appreciated

The small dial and outer indicators are a constant white brightness, not affected by the spotlight on the face

The blend file is too large to upload to here but here’s a link if it helps (i’ve deleted alot of the unnecessary objects):

Thanks in advance,


Can’t download the file. So I guess an emission problem in the material. Either a color other than black or a texture in the slot.

Node setup

Thanks for the response but nope, not that.
I’m just using gloss, diffuse and the image texture

You cannot put color output into a shader input.
That’s not how it works.
You need a shader that accept your color data and then connect with the shader input of you mix shader node


you put a texture in a shader slot that doesn’t work
edit: @Bao_Richard you win LOL


Your shader setup is a bit off, my friend. :wink:
It’s actually much simpler than you think.

You need to feed the image texture into the ‘color’ slot of a principled shader node. (NOT into a mix shader node!!)
This is the only shader node you will need for your basic purpose.
Then connect the output of the shader node into the surface slot of the material output node.
That’s all.
You will not need any additional diffuse, glossy or mix shader nodes.
The roughness (glossiness) of the material you can control with the slider in the principled shader node.
0 is super glossy, 1 is completely matt. (You could also connect a special roughness picture into it. But that’s not needed.)

When working with nodes in blender always look at the colours of the sockets. Only connect green sockets to green ones, yellow to yellow ones, and so on. This helps you to understand how to use the nodes.

Hope this helps…

EDIT - boy, I need to speed up my typing…ha, ha. ha.

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You all win and I am a bozo!
Believe it or not I knew that (but I did say I was “fairly new” :sweat_smile:)

Simple things and all that.
Thanks a lot all!

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Ha, ha, ha…I thought so. I was wondering how you did the other materials. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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