image texture

im knew at this and i have a problem

got the new version 2.47

i like to know how i can put a image/picture on a oblect(say a plane flat surfice)
checked all of internet youtube cant find anything only for 2.46
cant carry on with modeling like this

thks Peter HELP please…thks

There are more than one possibility to do that.
Therefore i would recommend you to have a look in the manual.
Under Textures you’ll find all you need I think.
Since most of the texturing process didn’t change the last versions, this should do.

Good luck, Pat

if your talking about U.V mapping just go into edit mode split screen so you make two screens and click picture view and object 3d view then unwrap with pressing u and choice which you want? or if you have a plane and you want a order nary image go into the texture panel?and add image under the effect list?

I need your email a dress also, I need to go to bed good night email you tomorrow.