Image to 3d model

Hi everyone,

Is there any way to auto generate product models using photo reference. I have a product photo references in 3 different angles. I need to generate accurate 3d model based on that reference photos. Which AI tool is the best?


All of them are garbage. You need an artist who can model.

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Yes, I accept what you have said, but I need to create huge volume of product models with in the time limit. If ai creates the overall shape of the mesh then it will save the time to make the model from scratch. I can trace it over to create base model.


This is a new research by Autodesk, but for now isn’t commercial.

There are also many others

This is new tech still young, more better will come out soon generative AI is improving day by day.


Since you’re going to end up needing to tinker with the model, using an AI-generated model won’t result in any reference value at all, in which case the three views you have are the most standardized thing, and tinkering with an AI-generated model is better than manually modeling it yourself (not to mention that AI-generated models have all sorts of problems and limitations you wouldn’t expect if you have a very complex model)

they are generating a detailed model from photos, but a lot of them, so it will not probably match your request, posted only as reference

If you’ll have to do retopology anyway, then generating the initial models with AI won’t help you much, because it is pretty much trial and error with the current available solutions, the final results can be unpredictable at best (trust me, I’ve tried quite a few already, out of curiosity).
I’d say you’d get better results and lose less time using photogrammetry instead of AI, though for that you need a lot more pictures of the products.