Images from Hard-surface Modeling in Blender

I bought it instant

What’s your guess? :slight_smile:

Woo, thank you sir!

Thank you Bart!

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In a good or bad sense? :smiley:

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of course in a good sense ? i mean cant you see this whole details ?
not that i am trying to remaaind you of your creation ? Xp

Secure rubber ducks for the apocalypse and transport them to the ship that will send the last remains of human history.

Saw this a few days ago, soooo looking forward to it once I have a little time.
Everything looks spectacular, especially considering no extra plugins. :smiley:

And the fact that you include some theory and design stuff is really cool too

Can’t update the tags for some reason, maybe I miss something obvious.

WOW !!! bravo!!

Looks Amazing! I want this.

Congrats Gleb and Aidy! Will hopefully buy it very soon then I can make a Robot for my Space Scenes :rofl:

I’m pretty good at doing complex mechanical stuff in Blender, but nowhere nearly as good as to make something as complex as this robot within a lifetime. It shows me I’ve got a lot to learn, and that’s worth a lot to me. I struggle with cleaning up after boolean operations. I struggle before and after placing every hole or slot.
So, I have to borrow the money from VISA, but so be it. Even just the library of little shapes that comes with it is probably worth the price.

I picked up this course up on day 1 and over the past weekend binge-watched the intro videos that cover all the basics of modifiers and such. Really well done, and I learned a ton already! So far I am very happy with the purchase!

Well, I don’t know if this is the right place for a review, but here I go. I bought this a couple of days ago, maybe three, I’ve lost track. This course is AWSOME. I’ve learned more already than I learned about Blender in the past 15 years of using it, and I haven’t even finished downloading side A of the virtual DVD, which allegedly just “covers the basics”. Supposedly side A is about 6 hours material, and side B 7 hours; but the bags under my eyes are testimony to the falseness of the claim. I can’t count how many hours of video I’ve been watching and I’m hardly at more than half of side A yet. For people out there wondering if this is worth the $60, let me say you can’t even put a price to this. There’s probably nothing you will ever regret less having bought.


Always incredible images Alex! love your work! :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:

I loved the course , its excellent for beginners, not so suitable for more experienced users like myself but it still has its own gems to offer , I really liked the section on topology flow. Overall I highly recommend it especially if you are beginner or not that familiar with mechanical modeling in Blender.

This is amazing! I am going to need to save up some money to get the course.

Just bought this course ans started to follow it.
Is there an official place (forum, reddit, discord, or whatever) to discuss about this course specifically ? Ask questions to other students, maybe even to Aidy and Gleb ?

I don’t consider myself a beginner, more like intermediate, but I found TONS of useful info and stuff I never thought I could use. The topology flow was wonderful addition to stuff I couldn’t possibly know unless I had worked in the industry for more than 10 years. So, I think it’s fair to say this course can appeal to intermediate to advanced users and still offer some new stuff, new approaches, new ways of working around stuff/problems. I bought it in the beginning of its release and I’m pretty happy I did that! Also Alex and Gleb had clearly put so much effort that it’s worth helping them! :slight_smile: