Imagesize to small. No border area selected error

Hey i’ve been using blender for a few years and never seen this error before. the render size is at 1920 by 1080 so i don’t think it’s too small

What is it refering to as it is rather vauge and i can’t render at all

Thanks in advance


This is a guess - press F10 for render options. There is an icon that I believe is titled “Border”. If this is clicked on, Blender is expecting you to use either Alt b or Shift b (I cant remember which) to select a rectangular area in a camera view. You would normally use this functionality to preview a smaller area of your render. If this is clicked on, and you have not selected a rectangular area, Blender thinks you are asking for a very small render indeed.

I’m going from memory here - I hope this has been of some help.

press F10, in the rendering panel disable the “border” button. with that enabled, you are supposed to render a small portion of your camera view. that “small portion” is selected by pressing shift+b, none is selected in your case, i guess. :smiley:
EDIT: oh, never mind, OBI posted first :smiley: well said… OBI_Ron

Worked great thanks =D